About Gardior

Gardior Pty Ltd (ABN 71076835955, AFSL 320173) is an Australian trustee company with a Board of Directors that consists of representatives from our investor base.

Gardior is the Trustee of The Infrastructure Fund (TIF), a $2.5bn infrastructure fund.

At Gardior, we pride ourselves on our ability to add value to each investor through structuring and ultimate alignment of interests.

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Our role

As Trustee of Gardior Funds, Gardior:

  • Is the legal owner of the assets of Gardior funds
  • Establishes and oversees the framework of governance, risk management, internal control and compliance
  • Considers potential investment proposals
  • Provides feedback to the Investment Manager regarding the management of the assets
  • Prepares notices and reports to be issued to Gardior investors
  • Fosters strong working partnerships with all service providers to Gardior Funds.


What we do

  • Deliver superior returns to investors over the long term.
  • Act with integrity, transparency and in the best interest of our investors.
  • Ensure Investment Managers understand the values and expectations of our investors  and are accountable their actions.
  • Apply proper diligence in the investment process.
  • Communicate regularly and openly with our investors.
  • Safeguard investor funds through a responsible approach to processes of governance, internal control and risk management.

Gardior Board of Directors

Investor Advisory Committee (IAC)

In mid-2020, Gardior established an Investor Advisory Committee (IAC).  The purpose of the IAC is to facilitate an effective and interactive relationship between Unitholders, the Board of Gardior and the Investment Manager to ensure that Unitholder perspectives are effectively communicated to decision-makers of The Infrastructure Fund (“TIF” or the “Fund”) on a timely basis.

The IAC operates in accordance with a Charter that is reviewed and approved by the Gardior Board. 

In summary, the scope of the IAC is to assist the Board and the Investment Manager, through consultation, on the following matters:

  • The current portfolio strategy (and any changes proposed) and how the Board expect the Investment Manager to deliver on the strategy;
  • Capital raising activities for TIF;
  • TIF’s valuation policy;
  • Material changes to TIF that include changes to risk framework, fees, Investment Manager;
  • Any related party transactions approved by the Board; and
  • Unitholder matters including any Unitholder meeting and reporting.


Following a process where nominations were called from eligible large and smaller investors, a ballot was conducted, and in accordance with the IAC Charter, we are pleased to confirm the following members comprise the Gardior IAC:

  • Chris Artis (2 year term)
  • Nicole Connolly (3 year term)
  • Hamish McKellar (2 year term)
  • John Phokos (1 year term)
  • Andrew Robinson (3 year term)


The first IAC meeting will be called in the December 2020 quarter following the completion of the TIF Investment Strategy review process.

Investor Advisory Committee members